Beyond Faith

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What is God if he's not perfect, all-knowing and ever-present?

How could Time exist beore "spacetime" did?

Why did God stay entirely "on the sidelines" after the Big Bang?

What is God learning from us that transformed him?

How will a coming nuclear attack bring about the end of organized religion?

How will a neuroelectronic "information chip" revolutionize education?

Why is the afterlife equally open to saints and sinners alike?

These and many other questions are answered by God in a hypothetical dialogue with three 21st-century humans, a clergman, a philosopher, and a scientist, set in the far-distant future. He also talks about his design of the Universe, our own immediate future, and totally unrecognizable afterlife. Preceding the dialogue is a short essay that explains why we must look beyond faith to our known reality to find the reasons for a vast Universe with intelligent life. The book ends with another short essay contending that this picture of a hands-off but synergistic God is much more plausible than the alternatives of either revelation religion or absolute atheism.

As a former trial lawyer, the author spent 30 years analyzing evidence, drawing logical conclusions, and presenting cogent arguments, which he put to good use in writing this book. A "believer" who cannot find a plausible God among the traditional choices, he has long pondered an alternative God and the other issues addressed here. In addition to spending time with his family and working on two other books, he is now engaged in pursuing his lifelong interest in history and various outdoor activities.

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