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“The Century of the Surgeon” was a book that Dr. William B. McDonald loaned to me when I was about sixteen years old. He was my idol and inspired me to go into medicine. The telling of that story of when he suggested to me I should become a doctor is in my first book, “Doctor’s Parking Only.” It was a great changing magical moment in my life. It occurred on a beautiful sunny day while sitting with him in the family room of his home.

The picture above is of an oil painting I did more than forty years ago. Yes, I was the artist. It stayed in my cellar all that time, got beat up a little and somehow never made it into the trash. The importance being is that I read this book in my youth and it influenced me. Therefore, I did this painting years ago because it played that role in my life. The specific name of the book in the picture is the actual title, along with a page opened of Grey’s Anatomy to the skull page.

After Dr. McDonald lent the book to me it stayed in my room for a few years. Then one day, he called me back saying he wanted to get the book back because he wanted to give it to an English-trained doctor to read it before returning to his home in Great Britain. That doctor never returned it to Dr. McDonald, and the book then disappeared, forever. I learned this from Dr. McDonald himself, after asking him. I then decided I needed a copy for myself and wrote letters and called out-of-print book shops throughout the area. After about one year, I was approached by a store in Cobleskill that somehow had a copy. It is now on my bookshelf! I have completed half of a century being a doctor and surgeon myself; therefore, I decided to put this picture of the painting on the back cover of my brand-new book, along with this short story.

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