Doctor's Parking Only

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"There are times in everyone's life when adversity is encountered, presenting and confronting odds so overwhelming, making the struggle seemingly impossible. With goals achieved, one often looks back, realizing that success was not only about the goal, but how it was accomplished. In the end, the journey itself was the prize."

This story is about becoming a medical doctor. If you think that getting into a medical school is just about being smart, applying and walking into a medical college, you'll need to rethink that notion after reading this book. Picking a doctor from a telephone book and entrusting your life to that doctor will now make you think about how he or she arrived into medicine and their story. This tale is about the love of education, family, hometown and my religion. It was a struggle. It is a true story that I carried in my heart for many years and I needed to tell. -- Dr. John J. Len

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Reviewed by Mildred , 11/26/2011

It's spkooy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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