Five And I Survived

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Dorothy K. Garner is visionary. Born in Kansas, she used to say, “Kansas is a good place to be from … away from”! She attended public school in Los Angeles during the Great Depression, riding her bicycle to school, four miles each way! The first intimation of what might become her life’s path occurred during World War II, with the creation of the Victory Garden program. Dorothy had the time of her life growing things and discovered an important new direction. 

After two years of preliminary college studies plus working to save money for a liberal arts degree, she found a Quaker college with a major in Rural Life. Newly arrived at Earlham College in Indiana, she was at first homesick because of all the strange trees, the ice that didn’t melt, and the “why” of winter coats. Her parents had both been college graduates and were very pleased with her graduation. 

At Earlham she met the love of her life and future husband, Carroll, son of the biology professor. After marriage in Los Angeles, the couple considered various places in the United States where they might grow produce, never thinking of New York State. The Divine Spirit had other ideas, leading them to 50-plud years of family farming in Schoharie County in upstate New York. 

During intervening years they traveled across country several times, including two fantastic trips through the Grand Canyon. Startlingly, looking through a family genealogy that had just been printed, they discovered that some ancestors had traveled through Schoharie County in the past! What a small world this is, after all!!

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