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The Royal Kashamire Bloodline and their followers struggle to restore peace in the impoverished, war-torn world of Gleothane. A unique blend of warriors prove that what others perceive as disabilities are nothing more than hurdles one can adapt to, rising from challenges into heroism. 
A prophecy foretold that a Bloodline would rise up and unite all races, restoring peace. Dwarves, pixies, elves, fairies, humans, and more struggle to survive. All hope now rests on the shoulders of Princess Ellawund, and it is up to the remaining members of the Bloodline Warriors to teach her the skills necessary to fight in the Desolution. 
Ellawund faces unforeseen challenges, and the retired warriors of the Dwarf Outpost, whose once quiet lives now lie in chaos, are again called to action. And Gimlet, a mysterious half-dwarf orphaned to the post, must decide his own future.
See how arrogance and botched spells shaped Gleothane over the centuries. Watch the true Royal family struggle to regain power from a greedy, fraudulent bloodline, threatening to destroy their world. Join in the struggles of those loyal to the true crown as they fight to right the wrongs and bring peace back to their world!
In this epic struggle, which group will you join?
For whom will you cheer?

C.B. Edwin is a native to upstate New York who enjoys using her writing skills and humor to give voices to those who are rarely given a chance.

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