Paris Loves Mimi: The Perfect Sleuth

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 And why not! Mimi’s charm was irresistible. 
Follow the journey of her life in the City of Light, in Barcelona, in London, and even in Manhattan. But Paris was her home, an endroit she loved as much as it loved her – the fragrance of Paris, the flowers, the perfume, the aroma from bistros and fromageries! They all belonged to her. 
Mimi, the small black poodle, took the hearts of the Parisians in the capital city of France where she lived with her beautiful PERSON, Nicole Marcel. 
It was not only Mimi’s sensitivity to nasal clues that made her so adept in solving criminal cases, and drew much attention and acclaim, but it was her charm and personality that seduced the populace. 
When Mimi smiled – and oh, she did smile – with her seven pointy teeth in a row – the world smiled with her. Her animal instincts – in many ways superior to those of humans– permitted her to read people – through watching their motions, sensing their moods, really hearing their tones of voice, and above all, smelling the chemical changes in a human body under stress. 

Above all, Mimi cared about justice! And oh, how she loved Paris! 

Mimi! Mais oui! 

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