Regards, Walter

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Walter is worried – and for good reason. The Kid is in big trouble. Her family may have to sell the farm if the library goes broke and Emily’s mom finds herself out of work. But what’s a barn cat to do? Given his druthers, Walter would prefer stalking the garbage pails of the Wild Weekenders. And as a pretty tough guy, why should he care about The Kid? But he does. 

Walter’s friend, teacher and editor, Thurman, must find a way to help Walter save the farm and his own “brownsand” empire beneath the barn. But what can a barn cat and an over-educated barn rat do? Given his druthers, Thurman would prefer to spend his days happily reading old newspapers smuggled from the dark, moldy basement of the village library. Fortunately, our friends have a friend in low places. You never know what good old Cousin Ted will turn up down there.

Along the way, these three unlikely friends encounter many an adventure. And, along the way, they learn some important life lessons. 


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