Son of Mountains

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Sometimes they put innocent men in prison. Yassin Aref is one of those men.

Son of Mountains is the story of a UN refugee who sought peace and freedom for him­self and his family in America—and found just the opposite. It is the story of a Muslim imam entrapped in a phony "sting" concocted by the FBI, accused of aiding terrorism, and sentenced in 2007 to fifteen years in federal prison. And it is the story of an Iraqi Kurd—a "son of mountains"—who has struggled all his life just to survive.

Yassin grew up in poverty under the rule of Saddam Hussein; as a teenager, he sym­pathized with the peshmerga (Kurdish freedom fighters) and risked his life oppos­ing the dictator's genocide against the Kurds. In 1995, Yassin married and made the wrenching decision to leave his beloved Kurdistan for Syria; four years later, he and his stateless family were given UN refugee status and sent to Albany, New York to begin a new life in America. An immigrant once more, Yassin was appointed imam of Masjid as-Salam (House of Peace), a small Albany mosque—until the 2004 FBI raid on the mosque and Yassin's arrest tore his family, the community, and the city apart.

By the end of this extraordinary memoir, the reader will understand why Yassin is no terrorist, and how grave an injustice has been done. Son of Mountains closes with a compelling essay by volunteer lawyer Stephen Downs that details how the gov­ernment's case against Yassin was not a "sting" but a frame-up—an elaborate fiction presented in court as fact—with lives, families, and Constitutional rights sacrificed to our post-9/11 climate of fear.

After expenses, all proceeds from the sale of the book (2014 revised edition only) will go to the Aref Children's Fund to benefit Yassin's four young children.

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