Space Station Winter

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Inadvertently, overnight, the Orbital Space Station had flown into what appeared to be a fog bank, over 100 kilometers in area. As soon as the cargo module began lifting from the shuttle's hold, the fog surrounded the module, cloaking the container as it was transferred from the shuttle into the space platform. 

The hatch made a sucking sound as the seals released it. It made a whooshing sound as the large hatch slid back into the bulkhead. Everyone jolted back from the opening in a panic, their eyes wide with fright, as the fog gushed into the space platform like water from a broken dam. 

"Sir, radar as well as radio communications have deteriorated." 

"Instead of sending a satellite into orbit, we can send up a manned capsule for a rescue mission." 

General Johnson looked at the two fliers. "Can you fly that space plane up there, to recover the bodies from the Orbital Space Platform?" Captain Young looked at Major Ford. He nodded his head, and she nodded back.

Days later at launch, a thundering of flames and smoke billowed out from under, obscuring the rocket. The rocket seemed to hesitate before it slowly began to rise. 
The plan was beginning to come together. But could they complete the mission?

About the Author

Wally lives with his wife and their dachshund Brandi in upstate New York. He is a retired Electronics Technician from the Federal Aviation Administration. His first novel was published in 2014.

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