Tales of an English Actor

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Deluxe, full-color 2nd edition

We read the tabloids, watch the films, follow the actors on social media, and hold our breath at the headlines: but who are these magnetic creatures outside of the spotlight? In this ambitious debut novel, Maxine Cache explores the answer through the eyes of myriad characters that weave and collide with Andrew Teeling, a celebrated actor who must navigate the pressures of his career and the chaos of his personal life while he learns to follow his heart. Spanning three years, several generations, and three continents, Tales of an English Actor chronicles the lives of these fascinating individuals as "they strive to stay connected and caring in a world that is hungry to devour the celebrities that it creates."

This is the deluxe 2nd edition, featuring full-color illustrations.

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Reviewed by Anonymous, 09/22/2018

Three very plausible medical emergencies propel this love story between a level-headed, respected female physician and a self-absorbed but irresistible 'creative'. The mis-match quickly pulls in a cast of engaging characters, convincingly sketched, from London, the Hudson Valley and Hollywood, as the action moves across the Atlantic and back, with stops in Thailand and Costa Rica. In the closing pages, the protagonist lays out her non-negotiable demand, and readers will be laying bets on the outcome, and wishing for 'Tales of an English Actor, Volume TWO.'

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