The Little Back Road Farm

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The Reichard Family History and Memories
Inspired by Fred Reichard

Generations of Reichard family members share their stories of Hilldale Farm, a small dairy farm on an unnamed dirt road outside Poestenkill, NY. How did this remote farm become their learning laboratory and playground? From their memories of Gramma’s dangerous driving, her egg peddling, and midday elderberry pies; of Uncle Fred’s hot molasses bath and his tender poetry; of Grampa’s “tonic” and collection of funeral gloves; of Uncle Dave hand-mixing all the cement for the “new” 1960 barn; of the Federal government’s mandate threatening the farm’s Revolutionary War-era wagon house; and of 12-year-old Rich driving the farm’s dump truck over the state highway to deliver manure to leased fields readers can understand with Carol King why “whenever the Reichards get together, they always end up talking about the farm”. The farm adapted to evolving technology and regulation; its legacy endures; its non-profit Hilldale Farm Foundation seeks to inspire students of agriculture.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anonymous, 07/20/2022

Amazingly insightful. A wonderful resource and an engaging read to boot!

Reviewed by Anonymous, 07/19/2022

Absolute joy to read. Such a joy to learn about the family history of a sweet farm and the fun quirks that come with a farm being in a family for generations.

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