The Slave Planet

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Lies, deceit, and treachery: That’s how Riac, the most powerful political figure on the freedom-loving planet of Alundis, intends to keep his power. Yod, his assistant and the person behind Riac’s rise to power, has come to learn how precarious his position is. Under Riac’s orders to bring in money for a spy network, Yod has learned of a secret planet that uses slave labor to produce cut-rate resources. Meanwhile, Tomal, an astrophysicist who is part of a secret organization dedicated to bringing down Riac, has discovered too much about the illicit financing and is kidnapped and spirited away to the slave planet. There, he learns from slave-from-birth Xenon that there is little chance to escape such oppression. When Tomal, who yearns for home, makes a desperate break for freedom, he is joined on the run by Xenon. The pair soon discover that a jackal-like search party is on their trail. Can the ill-equipped escapees elude capture? Is there hope of a rescue, or will they die as slaves? Suspenseful and action-packed, The Slave Planet takes readers on an exhilarating quest for freedom, justice, and, ultimately, redemption. 

About the Author 

Charles Owen Card is a retired molecular biologist. He received a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree from Florida State University. He combined his training in science with his interest in writing to create The Slave Planet, his first novel, which was, appropriately, in science fiction. He has written a number of screenplays across a wide range of genres, including science fiction, horror, action, and sports. Charles lives in Newbury, Mass. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anonymous, 09/26/2018

An excellent read! I couldn't put it down. If you enjoy sci-fi or adventure stories and are looking for a new author to read I would highly recommend this book for you.

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