This Time of Year

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Ken Heet wants to take a trip back in time. Just one more run to the end zone under the lights. The 1980s were a long time ago. Other classmates have moved on. But Ken is stuck. Now, he plods through a solitary, mundane existence working the graveyard shift, a bleak end in sight. A freak accident gives Ken a chance for a do-over. He gets another shot to relive the past and step back in the game. But even more importantly, he has one more chance to alter the course of his life. Can you change the past? Or can the past change your future?

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Reviewed by Anonymous, 11/01/2023

Great story and very well written

Reviewed by Anonymous, 11/01/2023

This is a very well written easy read
It realistically brings you back in time with a well written short story
The characters are well developed and easily believed
It has a choices made in the past theme that carries questions into the future
Read it and get Ken Heet’s opinion on his experience
It’s worth your time……

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