Time Signature

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Time Signature is a collection of poems and journal entries I’ve written over a forty-year period. Although my writing and I have changed through the years, some of the themes in my work have remained constant, i.e., family, nature, and music. Others, like the COVID Pandemic, are specific to clearly delineated times.

Throughout my writing life, the natural world, poetry and music have offered solace, inspiration and purpose. Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve planted gardens, listened to and performed music, read and written poems. Like creating a garden, writing a book requires determining what to put in, what to keep out. These choices are rarely easy; for often, rules and reason bump up against impulse and emotion. 

Finally, the work itself provides structure and suggests the boundaries necessary if a garden or a book is to thrive. Yet, what gives a garden or a book soul – that unnamable quality that begs our attention, stops us in our tracks, and sometimes brings us to our knees – is passion. The poems and essays of Time Signature were inspired by this author’s passions – past and present – and she hopes they speak to you.


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