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We Recover: Voices of a New Beginning is a collection of the voices of twenty-one people in recovery.

These are people who are examples of hope, strength, integrity, and honesty, who have worked the steps with a sponsor, taken the suggestions they were given, attended meetings, and have given back through service. Working all these different components of the recovery process has led them to continually recover, one day at a time.

Some are men and some are women, some are straight and some are gay, some lived their entire lives on the street and some came from privilege – but they all have one thing in common. Each of these twenty-one voices suffer from the disease of addiction, and each of them have found a new life in recovery.
These voices will educate, enlighten and inspire.

“I learned that recovery was for those who want it, not those who need it. I needed it long before I got here and I try to act like I’ve wanted it ever since. Service is gratitude in action. It does me no good just to say I am grateful. I need to act grateful and that says it all. If I put an ounce of gratitude in my attitude I will not need to put an ounce of liquor in my body.” 
—M, 10/23/1987

All proceeds will go to The 1st Timers Foundation to provide treatment to the members of our community suffering from the disease of addiction.

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