Your Soul Knows

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“But for God’s sake! What are we here for if not to track the spirit?”  —Gerald Stern

“Because there is a subtle part of each of us that doesn’t start and end with one life, but continues, even if we aren’t initiated, what we all share in common is the subtle memory of the initiated experience of occupying the center of a world that is more and other than the material world, and, what is more, has a purpose for us.” —From Your Soul Knows  

“We want to be read and we want to be seen and we want to be published, but our souls just want to be real. When those elements come together, that’s the flint and the steel and the tinder. That’s fire.”   —From Your Soul Knows  

“ . . . the ubiquity of wholeness in creation is revealed by its holons, as if we were always within a vast mandala where everything within the mandala reflects the wholeness of the mandala, the gnostic “unitas” or unus mundus. Meaning comes up when human consciousness recognizes its own potential for wholeness in the ubiquitous holistic orderedness of the natural world.”   —From Your Soul Knows  

The author lives in rural Vermont with his life partner, Shirley, and their two cats.

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