Crossing Divides

by Vernon Benjamin & Will Nixon

Cassie's Life

by Syd Sadowski

Forget It, Brogan, It's Galveston

by Dennis Bove

May the Mountain Speak to You

by Ken Marcinowski

The Hart Review

by The Beverwyck Community

Secrets of The Embassy

by Stefano Buonocore-Knothe

The Town of Sand Lake Remembers the Covid Pandemic Of 2020

by Sand Lake Historical Society


by James Howard Kunstler

This Time of Year

by Dan Casey

Signs of the Adirondacks

by Julie Betts Testwuide

So what if maybe

by Rose Marie LaPietra

Whispers of Eternity

by Joe Di Bari

Dear Mother, I am the only one left!

by Russ Vandervoort

Emily's Birth Book

by Emily Sherman Marynczak

Making Contact

by James Dillon

My Service

by Bill Valentino

The Jays

by Bob Elmendorf

Caesar the Killer Bulk Order

by Dennis Sullivan

...In A Nutshell

by Larry Johnston

The Song of All Things

By Pam Collins

The Doctor Wore High Heels

by Dr. Irma M. Waldo

Stopping Place

by Barbara Leavell Smith


by Julie Betts Testwuide

Murder, Mayhem and Ghost Stories

by Patricia Crandall

Notes on Work

by Mark Hesselbacher



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