Pearly Everlasting

by Claudia Ricci

Seductive Assassin

by John Sitterly

Two Years On The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation

by James M. Strosberg, M.D.

Our Spiritual Human Journey

by Marcial Reyes

My Very Rocky Christmas

by Jackson Murphy

Billy the Rescue Barn Cat

by Jonathan Walters and Diana Urban

Mission Possible

by Frank Stoppenbach

Collected Poems

by Ann Carter Usher

What If...

by Ellen Reilly Marko

Lacey O'Dunn

by Patricia Crandall

Martin P. Kelly, A Memoir

by Martin P. Kelly and Margaret M. Kelly

I Use to Fall Down (HC)

by G. Douglas Davis, IV

I Use to Fall Down (PB)

by G. Douglas Davis, IV

Invisible Prisons

by Lynn Safarik, LMSW

Dancing in the Light

by Denise Stasik

The Garden on Rosa Road

by James Catuccio

When Mommy was a Commie

by Jon Sorensen

Hellhole, 98520

by Robert Wilson

Golden Destiny

by Thomas Borgen

Never Go Sailing with Somebody You Met at a Bar

by Kyle Newport and Janice Newport

Rose’s Recipes for Business

by Rose Miller

Russell the Worrier

by Maria Catalfamo, LMFT

Spiritual Journey of an Ordinary Girl

by Ann Marie Piche



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