Children's Books

A Cat's Tale

By Martin Kelly (author) and Mechelle Roskiewicz (illustrator)

A Kitten on Desire Street

by Barbara Peduzzi 

A Llama Shampoo

by M. Younsi

A Mix in Your Dish

by Nina Piccini Marinello, PhD

A New Way

by Emma Crandall

A River's Journey

by Lisa Cupolo & Nancy Cupolo

A Secret Star

by Sharon Flitterman-King 

Abbi's Forever Home For Kids

By Elizabeth Cooke

Amina's New Friends

by Anne O'Brien Carelli

Arliss and His Suit of Armor

by Dahl Quarray

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Benjamin’s Journey to Bethlehem

by Suzanne Lacatena

Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line

by Dahl Quarray 

Illustrated by Jeanne A. Benas 

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BiBi—A Brooklyn Bunny Tale

Written by Moira O'Grady

Illustrated by Betsy Wallin

Billie's Vacation

written by Michael Kennedy

illustrated by Jean Tower

Billy the Rescue Barn Cat

by Jonathan Walters and Diana Urban

Bullying Makes Me Cry

by Suzanne Lacatena

Come Look Up With Me

Ven A Buscar Conmigo
by Vicki Gelien Kinsella

Cracked Up

by Lindsay N. Norville 

Edmonia Lewis

A Sculptor of Determination and Courage

By Bobbie Reno

Eugene asks: What am I?

by Anni Gowan

Faraway Father

by Eva Hill

Fast Ella Finds Her Fate

by Dahl Quarray

Illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas

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Fletcher and the Hendersons

Part One

Story by Dylan Palazzo

Illustrations by Nancy Palazzo

Gracee's Gang

by Michael Kennedy

Grandma’s Gifts

by Lauren Savage

Hattie Hall Is Really Too Tall

Written & Illustrated by Bobbie Reno

Have You Ever Eaten a Cloud

by Bobbie Reno

How I Came to Dowagic

Memories of an Orphan Train Rider

by Nancy Marie Payne

I Promise

by Amy Pratt Hoyt

In the Land of Green

by Emma Crandall

Isla and Lulu

by Noelle Gentile

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by Maureen Hickey, Ed.D.

illustrated by Patrick van den Broek


by Judy Barnes

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If I Only Had a Sukkah!

Written by Joan Robb
Illustrated by Mary Nadeau 

Lacie and the Goose

by Janice Allyn Parrott

Loving Aunt Amy

by Melissa Weiksnar

Making Contact

by James Dillon

Mama's Cover Up

by J.T. Grazie

Milo and Luna

by Emily Spatto

Monster by the Masters!

A Cartoonist's Introduction to Great Art

Written by Laura Couchey Abate

Illustrated by Sid Couchey

Mr. Peeps

by Robert Rayow

My Very Rocky Christmas

by Jackson Murphy

Mystery School on the Blue Planet

by Emma Crandall


by Julie Betts Testwuide

Pierre Ze Famous Artist

by Diane Bollman-Buyer

Pierre's Forever Family

By Diane Bollman-Buyer

Piper's Pals

by Michael Kennedy

Regards, Walter

by Warren Applegate

Russell the Worrier

by Maria Catalfamo, LMFT

Santa's Practice Run

by BW Moran

Saving Atlantis

The Puzzle Quests, Volume Two

by Janine De Tillio Cammarata

Secret Treasures

by Janine De Tillio Cammarata

Shimmer's Eggs

The Puzzle Quests, Volume One

by Janine De Tillio Cammarata

Sketchy Dinosaurs

The Puzzle Quests, Volume Three

by Janine Cammarata



Snow Pea

by Elizabeth MacFarland

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Sticknee & Twigie

by Tony Cortese

Summers In Chatham

By Susan Baird and Danielle Berg

Swimming on the Moon

by Judith Gross

Thank You For My Many Blessings

Story by Janet Wroblewski Mickle

Illustrations by Nena Carberry

The Adventures of Jack & Moose

How Jack and Moose Met

By Lisa Capone

Illustrated by Danielle Greco

The Droplet

by Norm Cohen

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The Further Adventures of Jack and the Giants

written by John P. Fillmore
illustrated by Kathy Byrnes

The Hibernating Bears

By Dr. Joshua Gleis

The Kindness Den

by Yvonne May

The Perfect Ball

by Dahl Quarray

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The Policeman

By Jennifer Keevern and Heather Adams

The Short Story of One Tough Cookie

By Isabella Sementilli

The Stuffed Animal States

by Henry Scovel Stewart

The Thacher Park Monster

by George Robinson

illustrated by Patricia Stolarski

Timmy and Spike's Adventures

by Michael Beach

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Tommy Turkey's Great Adventure

by Loretta Simon

Tucker's Surprise

by Michael Kennedy

Two Termites on Noah's Ark

by Bonsai Cox


by J Lewis Hedges

What If...

by Ellen Reilly Marko

Where the Trees Are

How to Stay Okay in the World Today
by J. Eva Nagel

Why Should I Climb This Tree?

by Ryan Hogan

Willomena: The Curious Young Lamb

by Suzanne Lacatena

Woody Needs A Home

Story by Velma Laccetti

Illustrations by Stacey Leonard



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