52 Quotes to Color Your Weeks

by Sally Friedman

A Life of Being

By Mary Judd

A Life of Being - Special Edition

By Mary Judd

After the Trauma the Battle Begins

Post Trauma Healing

by Nigel W. D. Mumford

Beyond the Word

by Tristin Williams

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Blessed by Light Filled Love

The Celestial Teachings of Ashento

by Mariam Massaro

Borrow My Tribe

Women's Wisdom From Your Chosen Sisters

by Kassie Alnwick

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Called by the Water

by Louise Rourke

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CT: A Cat's Story

written by Paul O'Brien

illustrated by Jeanne Licata

Dear Writer,

by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Dinosaurs and Climate Change

by Bonsai Cox

Embracing the Moment

Living With, Through & Beyond Cancer

by Patricia Carley


A Mother's Portrait

by Stella Elliston

Fragrance in the Desert

by Debbie Fowler

Fresh Squeezed

A Costa Rican Journey of Fasting and Self-Discovery

by Phyllis Adler 

Heart Tools for Couples

8 Ways to a Healthy Relationship

by Ani & Bill Grosser

How Not to Suck at Communication

By Judith Barnes and Erick James

How Not to Suck at Mentoring

An Easy Guide to Giving Good Advice and Helping Others Succeed

by Judith Barnes, Ph.D., with Erick James

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I Keep Coming Out

One Woman's Message of Hope

by Bonsai Cox

Inner Light From a Daily Walk

by Phoebe Honig

Inspired Life Journal

by Helene Verdile

Inspired Vagina, Capable Penis

By Dr. Bridget M. Finn

Isla and Lulu

by Noelle Gentile

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It Went Without Saying

A Family's Journey from Addiction to Recovery

by John, Joyce, and Jamie Chupka


by Judy Barnes

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Living to One Hundred Plus

By Patricia Crandall

Monday Morning Musings

Reflections from the Principal's Office

By C.A. Kilgallon

More Monday Morning Musings

Reflections from the Principal's Office

by C.A. Kilgallon

My Journey

By Julia Cole Kneissl

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Never Go Sailing with Somebody You Met at a Bar

by Kyle Newport and Janice Newport

No One Rises Alone

What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living

By Scott Baker

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A Mystical Experience

by Marguerite Tierney, CSJ

Reflections: A Wardrobe of Life Lessons

by Linda Styles Berkery

Regards, Walter

by Warren Applegate

Second Career Volunteer

A Passionate, Pennywise Approach to Retirement

by Barbara M. Traynor

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Success and Happiness Now

Change Your Environment Through Your Thoughts

by Bing Wilson

Supernovas of the Heart

by Brenna Katsoudas

The Eternal

by David Karhan

The Letters of Encouragement

By Elizabeth Irving Rechter

Put forth by Women's Faith Institute

This Man My Father

by June Glasser

edited by Ronald Glasser

Two Termites on Noah's Ark

by Bonsai Cox

Vacuum Like No One Is Watching

And Other Lessons from My Mother

by Kim Perone

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We Are So Lightly Here

A Book About Conscious Dying

by Deborah Golden Alecson

What a Wonderful World

by Eileen Clinton

Why Should I Climb This Tree?

by Ryan Hogan

Writing it Right

by Peg Spain Murtagh and Coleen Paratore



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