34 Kensington Square

by Robert Chapin Alsop

A Daughter's Secret

By Jacqueline McDonald

A Fruitful Death

by Stephen Downs

A Kaleidoscope of Memories

by Dorothy Adair Gonick

A Life of Small Consequence

by Michael Angelo

A Peek Into Aunt Helen's Closet

An Introduction to a World Traveler

by Ellen Mnich and Anita DeSarbo


Cold Water Immersion

by Jill Peck Vona

After the Trauma the Battle Begins

Post Trauma Healing

by Nigel W. D. Mumford

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Al Capone

by Diane Patricia Capone

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An Unconventional Childhood

Growing Up in the Catskill Mountains During the 1950s and 1960s 

by Marilyn Mayes Kaltenborn

Artists & Activists

Making Culture in New York's Capital Region

by Joseph Dalton


by Burns H. Robertson

Beyond the Sheepfold Gate

By William Nieman III


Stories That Celebrate Something Close To Our Hearts

Compiled by the YWCA-GCR

Building Becket

A Love Story

by Lydia Rosner


By Gene Gore

Called by the Water

by Louise Rourke

College and Eighth

by Herb Hyde

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Culinary Crossroads

By The New Lebanon Library

Diary of a Malcontent

by Steve Newman

Dirty Dishes

By Vincent Falco

Doctor & Surgeon

by John J. Len, M.D.

Doctor's Parking Only

A True Story

by Dr. John J. Len

Dogga Brown

The $50,000 Dog

by Charles Steinhacker

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Double Concerto

A Real Life Love Story in Letters

By Diana Lewis Burgin

Elevation of the Mundane

by Cecele Kraus

Enjoy What We Have

By Philip J. Palladino


A Mother's Portrait

by Stella Elliston

Failing My Way to Success

by Steve Lobel

Finding Grandma

A Sentimental Journey Through 1920s Columbia County Recipes

by Mary Beth Wenger

Five And I Survived

Narratives in Good Ol' Schoharie County 

by Dorothy K. Garner 

Fragrance in the Desert

by Debbie Fowler

From D'burg to Jerusalem

The Unlikely Rise and Awful Fall of a Small-Town Newsman

by Carl Strock

From Ireland To Oz

An Immigrant's Journey and Her Life in the Goldfields

by Mary Balle

From Myles to Spencer

An Informal Standish Family Memoir

by J. Spencer Standish, with Paul Grondahl

Full Circle

A Physician's Memoir of a Life Lived with Polio

by Steven Diamond M.D.

Full Circle (Hardcover)

A Physician's Memoir of a Life Lived with Polio

by Steven Diamond M.D.

Gift Of Time

By Peter E.S. Nichols

Heart to Heart

Our Journey as Mother and Son

by John B. Carley and Patricia Carley

Hellhole, 98520

by Robert Wilson

Hello Mudder!

Herbie's memorable summer adventure

by Herb Hyde


A Troy Youth's Coming of Age, Sort Of!

by Herbert Hyde

I Keep Coming Out

One Woman's Message of Hope

by Bonsai Cox

I Was the First V_nna Wh_te

The Truth About How W_eel of For_une Came To Be
by Martin "Corky" Wylde

I'm the Gay Twin

Insights from a Crowded Womb

By Bonsai Cox

In Blind Sight

by Bob Gumson

Inching to Wisdom

Mostly True Stories

By J. Eva Nagel

Inner Light From a Daily Walk

by Phoebe Honig

Into the Mind of Alzheimer’s/Dementia

A Tender Tribute to my "Go-To" Guy

by Trish Lampro George

It Went Without Saying

A Family's Journey from Addiction to Recovery

by John, Joyce, and Jamie Chupka

It's Not Gunna Be an Addiction

The Adolescent Journals of Amelia F. W. Caruso (1989–2009)

Written by Amy Caruso

Edited by Melissa Weiksnar

Jennie Stories

by Jennifer Birckmayer

Just Gigi

By Susan Baird

Keys on the Road

By Paul O'Brien

Learning to be a Leatherman

by Roderick Correll

Life Savors

by Elizabeth Cooke

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Living to One Hundred Plus

By Patricia Crandall

Looking Back Looking Beyond

by Paul J. O'Brien

Love, Laughter & Lessons Learned

by Mark Sullivan

Marine #419322

by Thomas Joseph Smith

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Martin P. Kelly, A Memoir

by Martin P. Kelly and Margaret M. Kelly

Mary Lamb

An Extraordinary Life of Murder, Madness, and Literary Talent

by Mary B. Balle

Me & Arlo... (It's Personal)

by Trish A. Lampro

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Memoralia / Richard Burgin

The Memoirs of Richard Burgin / A Life in Verse

By Diana Burgin

Two books in a single volume!

Mission Possible

by Frank Stoppenbach

My Journey

By Julia Cole Kneissl

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My Life and Times

A Family Man's Journey, From Rawalpindi to New York, and Many Places In Between

by Gurbachan Singh Bhasin

My Mystery in Spain

by Laurens Dorsey

Naked as a Jailbird

A Raw Narrative of Life Behind Bars

by Richard Shaw

Nature Girl

a collection of short stories and photos

by L.A. Giammattei

Never Go Sailing with Somebody You Met at a Bar

by Kyle Newport and Janice Newport

No Experience Necessary

The Redemption of a Bohemian Zero

by Jim Gedney

No One Rises Alone

What Almost Dying Taught Me About Living

By Scott Baker


by Paul J. O'Brien

Other Times, Other Places

Growing up in Peace and War

by Tician Papachristou

Our House By the Falls

by Susan Baird

Performing Life

By Diana Burgin

Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose

The Memoir of a Feminist

by Barbara G. Lifton


By Michael A. Davi

Purveyors of Light and Shadow

by Kate Calder Klein

Rantings of a Machine Tool Salesman

By Scott Walker

Reflections: A Wardrobe of Life Lessons

by Linda Styles Berkery

Rise Above It, Darling!

The Story of Joan White
by Judy White Staber


Scooter's Journey

I Did It My Way

by Eunice Smith as told to David Rimai Reynolds

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Seasick Submariner

by Anthony J. Scalici

Second Career Volunteer

A Passionate, Pennywise Approach to Retirement

by Barbara M. Traynor

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Growing Up At The Actors' Orphanage

A memoir by Judy Staber

Son of Mountains

My Life as a Kurd and a Terror Suspect (revised edition)

by Yassin Aref

Survive & Escape

One Family Chooses Life

by Ed Maurer

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Survivor's Song

A Nigun

by Sharon Flitterman-King

Thank You for My Children

A High School Teacher's Final-Year Journal, Anecdotes & Observations

by Rick Pepe

The Bijou Dream Theatre

How Dreams Helped Me Make It Through

by Virginia Sweeney Karl 

The Garden on Rosa Road

by James Catuccio

The Great 2020 Paper Chase

by Jim Flanigan

The Little Back Road Farm

by Joycelyn King

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The Mercury Man

by Frank Gioia

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The Spirit Behind the Spirit

The Spirit Behind the Spirit: Harold M. Bixby

by Benjamin C. Barrett

They Live On

Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad

by Patricia A. Nugent

This Man My Father

by June Glasser

edited by Ronald Glasser

Trout Remembered

by John La Rocca

Two Years On The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation

by James M. Strosberg, M.D.

Uncle John's Diner

By Herbert Hyde

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Under the Walnut Tree

by Donnell Joseph

Unearthing the Ghosts

A Mystery Memoir

by Linda Mary Wagner

Up Daddy, Down Daddy

Memories of an Uncommon Jewish Girlhood

by Marlene Rosenfield

Up From Second Street

...and Other Memoirs

by Jim Flanigan

We Are So Lightly Here

A Book About Conscious Dying

by Deborah Golden Alecson

We, The Keefes

by Helen Keefe Stopera

What They Said

25 Years of Telling Stories

By Michael DeMasi

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What Time Do The Crocodiles Come Out?

A Travel Memoir of Mexico

by Kathe Kokolias

When People Wrote Letters

A Family Chronicle

by Martha Tuck Rozett

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And Other Tales: A Memoir from Seinfeld's Uncle Leo

by Len Lesser and Tama Ryder

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Wings of Fortune

By Edward A. Chevrette, Jr.



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