A Dream Named You

by David Kaczynski

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Aligning Stems

The Colors of Life in Perspective 

Poetry by Margaret Bryant


by Amy White 

Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line

by Dahl Quarray 

Illustrated by Jeanne A. Benas 

Carpe Diem

New and Selected Poems

by Michael Perkins

CT: A Cat's Story

written by Paul O'Brien

illustrated by Jeanne Licata

Doom Sonnets for After the vEmpire

by Richard Morell

Dreaming Barranquilla

by Cecele Allen Kraus

Earth Science

by Pam Clements

Good to Be Here

A Book of Moments 

by Judy Barnes 

Growls, Howls and Huzza

by Salvatore Squillace


And Other Poems

by Gene Damm 


by Sandra Rouse

Java Wednesdays

by the Java Poets Collective


by Gwen Gould 

On and Off the Trail

A Collection of Poetry and Photography

by Caroline Bardwell

Spandex & Black Boots

Essays From an Abundant Life

by Kathe Kokolias

Supernovas of the Heart

by Brenna Katsoudas

The Hermit

A Collection of Poetry

By C. Wolfner



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