A Cat's Tale

By Martin Kelly (author) and Mechelle Roskiewicz (illustrator)

A Kitten on Desire Street

by Barbara Peduzzi 

A Llama Shampoo

by M. Younsi

A Secret Star

by Sharon Flitterman-King 

Abbi's Forever Home For Kids

By Elizabeth Cooke

Amina's New Friends

by Anne O'Brien Carelli

Arliss and His Suit of Armor

by Dahl Quarray

Beyond the Sky-and-Water Line

by Dahl Quarray 

Illustrated by Jeanne A. Benas 

BiBi—A Brooklyn Bunny Tale

Written by Moira O'Grady

Illustrated by Betsy Wallin

Billie's Vacation

written by Michael Kennedy

illustrated by Jean Tower

Cracked Up

by Lindsay N. Norville 

Eugene asks: What am I?

by Anni Gowan

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Faraway Father

by Eva Hill

Fast Ella Finds Her Fate

by Dahl Quarray

Illustrations by Jeanne A. Benas

Fletcher and the Hendersons

Part One

Story by Dylan Palazzo

Illustrations by Nancy Palazzo



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