God Needed a Puppy

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John Gray is an Emmy Award winning journalist and writer in upstate New York, as well as a husband, father and avid pet lover. When John’s puppy Samuel died unexpectedly at just six months old it brought a profound sadness to their home and a sense that this was just not fair. For the first time John understood how a child must feel when they lose a pet of any age, asking themselves, “Why?”
Hoping to turn his pain into something positive, John put pen to paper and wrote a story to help any child who has lost a pet.
In ‘God Needed a Puppy’ John guides children through the grieving process by using friendly animals from the forest to explain the reasons why a beloved pet sometimes has to leave us. He reassures them that this “goodbye” is not forever and offers hope that other furry friends will someday come into their lives. John is also donating $1 from the sale of each book to a local animal shelter so our four legged friends will benefit from this story as well.


Shanna Brickell
I remember as a child, being in awe of what could be created with a box of crayons and a few sheets of paper. The mystery and magic of creativity still inspires me to this day. As an artist, I endeavor to infuse my artwork with light and energy and connect with the hearts
and minds of the viewer.


** For all copies sold $1 from each sale will be donated to a local animal shelter**

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Katharyn, 10/12/2017

I received the book, Thank you. I loved it, John Gray never disappoints. It was well worth the wait and the story and illustrations were beautiful. People of all ages will love it and cherish having it. I think this is just the start of a career of books by Mr. Gray. I would bet he will be writing one on his conversations by his beloved dogs. I know I would love to read it, You all did a great job accomplishing the task from start to finish .

Reviewed by Michele Brown, 10/06/2017

This book is truly special and heartfelt, not surprising since John Gray is truly an amazing storyteller, writer, and human being. God Needed A Puppy will help anyone of any age help deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

Reviewed by Courtney Gray, 10/05/2017

Thoughtfully paced illustrations to go with the words of hope when the loss of an animal hits home. John Gray eloquently tells the story that both children and adults can appreciate and find comfort. This book deserves more than five stars. As a proud wife, and someone that watched the story evolve, I can't express the amount of respect I have for him as a writer, a father, and the most compassionate pet owner. Bravo on a beautiful book that will continue to help heal the hearts around the country.

Reviewed by Mary Ann L., 10/03/2017

A children's book written for children young and old! This story will have you shedding a tear yet feeling a profound sense of comfort! We all become a child when we lose a pet! John Gray speaks to that child through a beautiful story with astounding illustrations! No doubt a BEST SELLER!

Reviewed by Laurie, 10/03/2017

What an amazing story! Whether young or old this book will give you comfort and a smile (and a few tears) when thinking of your fur babies here or departed! It is written with such heart and passion! Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Dawn Kot, 10/02/2017

As soon as the book arrived I read it. I kept John's words reminding is this is a children's book in mind as I delved into the book. This is a beautiful children's book - and oh so much more! Yes, I cried, but it gave my heart and soul such a wonderful, comforting feeling. 5 stars is not enough. John Gray is an amazing writer and I certainly hope to see more from him in the future!

Reviewed by Pat Quinn-Pickett, 10/01/2017

Such a sweet and touching story. Everyone who has lost a furry family member will be touched when they read "God Needed A Puppy". It is so thoughtfully written. Thank you John Gray.

Reviewed by Michelle Silvestri, 09/29/2017

I cannot find the words to say how much I love the book. The wait was worth every minute. My granddaughter enjoyed it so much, that the minute her mom got home from work, she wanted it re-read. I've emailed my local library in hopes of being able to donate a copy for general circulation because it is that wonderful and every child should have the opportunity to read it.

Reviewed by Trina Beaudoin, 09/28/2017

I wish I could give more stars! Fantastic book! God Needed a Puppy was written from the heart. I hope that John Gray continues to write these types of books. With this book, he is helping people of all ages deal with the loss of a fur- family member.

Reviewed by Judie, 07/04/2017

For obvious reasons not having read the book (Not published yet) just knowing the heart of the author through his other writings I can assure you that it will be a best seller and a book that no animal lover will want to be without. Let's face it, we are all children when it comes to our pets!

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