A Life in Syllables

By Kay Salkin

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by Thomas Joseph Smith

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Exposing the myths about breastfeeding and healing the heartbreak to make breastfeeding a joy.

“ As a parent who has had two children with tongue and lip ties, and as a clinician who has seen many patients struggling with the effects of both, it’s been hard to find comprehensive, thorough and easy to understand information on tongue and lip ties. This book is an excellent resource for dentists, obstetrician-gynecologists, midwives, lactation consultants, pediatricians and parents who are looking for more information about how tongue/lip ties affect breastfeeding, speech, dental development and overall pediatric health. Dr. Kotlow has put it all into one convenient place!”
—Heather Lane, CNM, MSN

Dr. Kotlow, a board certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, has been serving the needs of infants and children from birth through the early teen-aged years since 1974. His practice specializes in preventive dentistry, newborn and infant care, the use of lasers for restoring decayed teeth and oral surgery. His work with mothers and infants with breastfeeding difficulties due to tethered oral tissues (tongue-ties and lip-ties) is respected worldwide. His practice, located in Albany, New York, serves the dental needs of all children, including special needs children. He is a recognized international expert and lecturer on the use of lasers in treating children and pediatric dental care.

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