The Railroad

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Praise for The Railroad, Book Two of Adirondack Trilogy:

“Picking up where Axton Landing left off, The Railroad vividly portrays life in the Adirondacks in the late nineteenth century. This multi-layered novel traces the lives of a host of engaging characters while deftly addressing many issues of the times, such as the environmental effects of unregulated logging and railroad operations, the budding movement for workers’ rights and women’s suffrage. The novel tackles these topics so seamlessly that you don’t realize how much you are learning until you finish reading, so enjoyable is the story itself.” 
—Nathalie Thill, Executive Director, Adirondack Center for Writing 

"The Railroad continues the story of many of the people we came to know in Axton Landing. Life remains challenging, punctuated with successes and sorrows, as the landscape, and peoples’ lives, are inexorably altered by the incursion of the railroads. Determination born of family tragedy and close observation of the world around him impels Cyrus Carter to address what he sees as burgeoning conflicts over land use in the region – conflicts we have come to know all too well in the years since the 1880s.” 
— Neal Burdick, Editor, Adirondac Magazine. 

"With The Railroad, author Tony Holtzman blazes his Trilogy into new territory. It's wild here, and beautiful, Multi-dimensional characters, some old friends from Axton Landing rich, complicated history of northern New York's Adirondack nineteenth century and make it throb with life, death, and heartache. This is first-rate fireside storytelling, delivered with imagination and compassion. Bravo on all counts!” 
—Ed Kanze, Author and Adirondack Guide

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The Railroad, Book Two of Tony Holtzman’s Adirondack Trilogy, the action shifts from logging to the railroad as it advances inexorably across the Adirondacks, bringing tragedy to the Carter family while transforming the logging industry and accelerating tourism.

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