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For the dreamers and achievers of accomplishments, this is a book tor you to either continue or get going on your journey towards the top of your life. If this book just so happens to fall into your hands, consider it a checkpoint or a wake-up call.
     Read other people's aspirations such as "Prove Them Wrong," "I try," and countless other poems and short stories to find relatability in your life as a reminder that you're not on your journey alone.
     If you want encouragement as a passionate person who's devoted to their craft, read the short stories and poems under the "My Aspirations" portion of this book. It is at this portion where you can read short stories and poems such as "A Transcending Generational Talent,” "Storytime Demons," and six other personal and original pieces of work.
     Once you're done reading this, I guarantee you'll feel refreshed, motivated, and ultimately A-Tastic.

"Ace Da Poet" is a Charming, Confident, and Captivating author who looks to be one of your favorites after experiencing this book. Born Alvin Lewis, this New York-raised artist picked up the name "Ace Da Poet" after failing to get into the school of business at his college and honing in on his creative writing talent. This detour changed his life by turning his creative hobby into a whirlwind career. After completing this book (while finishing up college), Alvin saw this written work as the catalyst for what's ahead to come. With hopes of whatever success comes after this written work, Alvin looks to build among his catalog with another book entitled MSTRCLSS (pronounced "Masterclass”) coming within the near future. After graduating college with a degree in Fine Arts, Alvin began his journey as a screenplay writer as well. As an entry-level author and a screenplay writer, Alvin Lewis has high aspirations to make a big splash in both the film and literary world.

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