TBMbooks is the online store of the The Troy Book Makers

Who are The Troy Book Makers? We are a self-publishing company located in Troy, New York, offering book printing and full-service graphic design help to our clients. Our aim is to produce attractive, well-designed books at a low cost to the customer.

The process couldn’t be simpler. We work closely with you to create a beautiful, custom-made book. You give us your book’s digital content, and we design, format, print and bind your book using the newest technology. Our short-run print services allow us to print as few as ten copies of your book, in comparison to traditional print runs that can number in the thousands (though we can help you with those too!). We also keep the formatted book in our digital archives, making reprinting simple as the demand for your book increases.

We hope you’ll consider working with us. Our knowledgeable staff members will provide a unique wealth of resources at an affordable price. Still have questions? Visit http://thetroybookmakers.com/ to learn more!


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