A Chinese Folk Tale And Other Stories

by Gene Damm

Illustrated by Carol Coogan and Randy Rumpf

A Shadow Romance

by Elizabeth Cooke

A Shout for the Deaf

by F. A. Costa

Abbi's Forever Home For Kids

By Elizabeth Cooke

Autumn Winds

by jd somers


Book One of the Tuatha de Danann Saga

by Peter Bannigan

Calm Before the Storm

By Catherine Coffey

Carlton & Marty

Written by Steve Schwartz

Illustrated by Bob Mesnik

Dark Remembrances

by M.L. Gillespie

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Dreaming Mother Into Existence

And Other Short Stories

by Robert Michael Congemi

Elegy of Innocence

A Novel

by Richard Shaw

Emerson's Adirondack Secret

by Jeff Bigelow


by C.B. Edwin

Grandpa's Tale

Indian Territory

by Gary Manning



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