Ugly Poems and Hideous Tales from an Illegitimate Man
by J. Matthew Smith

A Bad Day at the Beach

by Sandy Zelka 

A Chinese Folk Tale And Other Stories

by Gene Damm

Illustrated by Carol Coogan and Randy Rumpf

A Mistaken Hostage

by J.F. Foran

A Requiem for the Living

by Cassandra Carraher

A Reunion of Death

by Patricia Crandall

A Sense Of Destiny

By Ella O'Kelly

A Shadow Romance

by Elizabeth Cooke

A Sip of Absinthe

by T.F. Feldman

Abbi's Forever Home For Kids

By Elizabeth Cooke

Adrift in a Sanguinary World

by Dennis Bove

Autumn Winds

by jd somers


Book One of the Tuatha de Danann Saga

by Peter Bannigan

Ballad of the Bark Eater

by Adler Buck Mason

Bees Against Fracking

by Bonsai Cox



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