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Dr. Jack Del Rio is ripped from spring maintenance on his boat by a phone call describing the untimely death of a dear friend. Two back to back murders have rocked the small community of Newport, RI. Jack is pressed into service by the Newport police to look into the recent contacts of his friend. It soon becomes apparent that the death of his friend is closely linked to the death of a patient he had treated in a domestic violence incident. A common suspect for both murders is uncovered and with each contact, Jack becomes embroiled in a web of lies and betrayals. Jack knows that threats to physicians and workers are common in Domestic Violence cases but actual violence is rare.

His involvement suddenly becomes critical as the case quickly takes on the Federal overtones of a capital case. A slam dunk case for the police becomes potential fodder for a media event as reporters churn the waters. Jack and the police interview the same contacts but the stories elicited do not match. The life of a probably very bad man hangs in the balance. The question is: who learned the truth and who divulged it to whom? As Jack weaves his way through the complex details of the case, he finds the longest lasting relationship of his life in dire peril by an accusation of his indifference to domestic violence victims! Jack struggles to protect his reputation with unexpected helpful resources.


In my 35 years taking care of Ob-Gyn high risk patients, I have been witness to some of the most extraordinary stories surrounding life and death. Betrayals, instead of the traditional medical murder mystery is the story of the lives of medical care workers and the complications wrought by their interactions with each other and their patients.

—Steven Noble

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