Eat Grass, Kick Ass

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Expect Amazing Results! Learn How a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet Works

Thousands of people around the world have discovered the remarkable benefits of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and how it differs from other diets, including vegetarian and vegan diets. It has clearly shown to be the best way to help prevent or eliminate heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Many other benefits include allergy relief, mental clarity, making you feel younger and stronger, elimination of many skin conditions, joint pain relief, and most notably, it easily results in weight loss that lasts a lifetime.

Meet the scientists, learn the facts, and join the happy community of plant-based nutrition. This guide will eliminate nutrition confusion and take you on a journey to health and happiness.

Eat Grass, Kick Ass includes ingredient substitution charts for every unhealthy food item imaginable in the Standard American Diet. It also provides guidance for recreating the comfort food you, your family, and your friends currently enjoy with over 120 delicious sample recipes to get you started.

This book looks at the impact of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet on specific populations, in­cluding pregnant women, children, and those with conditions including, but not limited to, celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, and allergies.

What Others Are Saying:
"I'm going to tell you the God's honest truth. I think this book will really change how we go about doing things as far as our diet goes. It is full of excellent information. I learned so incredibly much! I finally understand the concept of 'whole food,’ and I love all the information about cancer fighters and the healthy uses of nutritional yeast.”
- Paula Chang, Intensive Care Nurse

"When I was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, my wife and I were in complete and utter shock. Thankfully, we knew Pamela was very involved in caring for people in our community and was praised for her talents not only as an excellent nurse, but also for her knowledge of healthy eating for healing. I believe the dramatic changes in my diet and my faith helped me get where I am today - Happy, healthy, and cancer free - for nearly seven years now.”
- Ralph Knapp, Action Paving, President

"Wow! The information about the Blue Zones and the supercentennials fascinated me. I felt that I was doing everything I could to avoid salt, but your book helped me see there was even more I could do. Once I began following some of your recommenda­tions, I was able to get off of my blood pressure medication.”
- Cheryl Callahan, Information Technology Specialist

Pamela Burnham spent nearly 30 years of her life as a spouse in the military, moving all over the country. This included more than 20 years as a nurse caring for people in every setting, at all levels, from intensive care in open-heart surgery, cancer, and neurology, through to management of patients in home care and hospice. Pamela was directly involved in the care of people from various cultures, witnessing firsthand the power of food choices. This was especially evidenced while working with people from Blue Zones, well known for the healthiest and longest-living people over a hundred years of age, with the highest-level quality of life. Pamela developed a strong passion for helping people establish healthy eating habits in order to extend and improve their lives. She continues to provide nursing care in her community with her firm belief that a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle does in fact improve people's lives.

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