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“Emily’s Birth Book reads like a conversation with your very own birth educator in your living room: comfortable, approachable, accepting and honest. I love the mix of personal stories with evidence. I believe it helps a patient relate and personalize their experience, fears, worries and dreams. The format of this book is one that can be integrated into many expectant parents’ busy life styles. This book can be a tool for an entire pregnancy.”  —Lisa Preller, CNM

“Emily gave me the tools I needed to ask good questions, and the strength I needed to change providers when the answers I got totally sucked. She helped me feel ready for the most important day of my life. … Our birth could not have been better. Emily is a rare bird: strong and opinionated but kind and gentle, too. She isn’t afraid to share what she knows—to be passionate about the truth. She has such deep and abiding respect for others’ contexts. I don’t know anyone else who could have gotten through to me like she did. And there’s nobody else I’d rather invite to a dinner party, either.”  —Anni Rudegeair, client

"Emily is a masterful teacher, a wonderful storyteller, and a fierce advocate for birthing people. Sitting with Emily’s Birth Book is like sitting with Emily herself, conversing over a pot of tea. Emily’s writing style is so poignantly personal and so authentically accessible, it’s as if she is speaking directly to you, and she is, about all that she has learned over several decades of teaching classes and attending births. You hold in your hands a powerful tool: one that informs, inspires, educates, entertains and empowers. You need nothing more to help you prepare for birth and parenting."  —Tisha Graham, CPM, ICBD, ICCE, CLC

The interior cover art is an adaptation by Anna Schupack of the Sheela Na Gig, a gargoyle-type adornment that has been found scattered around Europe, primarily in Ireland. The sculptures date back to at least the 11th century, and are a useful tool for contemporary people to learn about opening for birth.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book contains images of the female anatomy. A dummy cover was needed for this book to be easily sold online and in larger stores. In my urgency to help people stay safe in their prenatal care and birthing process, I have consented to the repressive powers that be. However, I thought it was important to show what was deemed offensive, as this book is intended to help you navigate your prenatal care and birth plans within the reality of birth in the US. As you read this book ponder the power of these images and why they are so threatening to our current social standard.

EMILY MARYNCZAK is a birth educator and mother with nearly 30 years of experience helping families navigate the challenges of being pregnant in the U.S. Whether you want a hospital or a home birth, Emily’s Birth Book will support you to take responsibility and emotionally prepare for your baby’s arrival. Read one chapter per week and take some deep breaths as you adjust and prepare for your new reality: parenthood.  Learn more at www.ConscientiousBirth.com

10% of the profits from this book sale are donated to organizations that support birth education and birth justice.

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