Hookups, Hiccups, and Happenstances

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Erotic Short Stories from the Sexual Revolution


Two can do the 69, but it takes three to Cork Screw! Butch considered himself the luckiest man alive. He has a loving family, thriving career, and a nearly endless list of toe curling sexcapades. He’s never tired of the women who did just about everything getting into (and get him out of) his pants! Coming of age as a horny, red-blooded American male at the cusp of the Sexual Revolution, Butch is thrilled to be on the receiving end of the culture’s embrace of female empowerment. In Hookups, Hiccups, and Happenstances’ series of thirteen explicitly erotic stories set against the backdrop of celebrities, events, and music from the ’60s and ’70s, you’ll follow Butch down the sexual rabbit hole, from the Playboy Club to the sultry seas of the Bahamas, when libidos are high, and bras are optional. You’ll find yourself swirling your tongue along with Butch as he beds adventurous, savvy women sharing his belief love and sex don’t have to overlap for there to be a beautiful meeting of minds and passions. Keep reading for a full circle surprise!

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