Snow Pea

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Join Snow Pea as she relates the adventures and misadventures of her life. An unwanted farm dog, she tries to earn her master’s love until the wondrous day that Harold and Anne and their German shepherd, Lila, stop by the farm. She is welcomed into their family, and her life changes forever: she gains a warm home and unconditional love, and she gives birth to her own family of pups. A wonderful mother, Snow Pea shows her kids all sorts of dog fun as they explore the world around them and teaches them important lessons in safety and dog manners.
Illustrated by the author with original oil paintings and line drawings.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Corinne T, 03/27/2024

Recommended for ages 6-9
Snow Pea is a nice read for all the young animal lovers in your house. Elizabeth MacFarland was able to give Snow Pea a believable voice while still setting the scene. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between the different animals. The mixed media illustrations allow one to easily follow Snow Pea’s tumultuous journey and to fall in love with this adorable dog.

Reviewed by Margaret R, 01/02/2024

I love this book because the author captures how a dog seems to think. The voices are believable and sweet to adults as well as children. Rescue dogs are very special dogs who need this kind of understanding to have good lives. I happen to know these dogs, so I know. What I also love are the beatiful paintings of the dogs in various situations - heartwarming and beautiful paintings. A great body of work, both visual and written.

Reviewed by Anonymous, 12/30/2023

Reviewed by RFW 12/30/2023

I intended to purchase a single copy of Snow Pea as a holiday gift for a youngster I know. Instead, I purchased two copies, because I knew that I had to read this book myself. Therein lies the duality of this intimately related and richly illustrated work by Elizabeth MacFarland. Any grown reader must devour the story of Snow Pea twice — first with the wonder of a child and then with the world weary sensibilities of an adult — for Snow Pea speaks to both audiences, or a least to different incarnations of ourselves as we pass through life.

The magic of Snow Pea lies within its canine sensibilities — a worldview that ought to appeal to both child and adult alike. Ms. Macfarland seamlessly submerses herself as she narrates the adventures of Snow Pea, and the story is told through the eyes, ears and, especially, the nose of Snow Pea. However, Snow Pea also shows us how we ought to understand the world both for what it is and what it can be; how love may given and received in unalloyed purity; how fears are soothed by friendship; how each morning represents a new adventure to be experienced; and, why home is the place the where kinship of all species resides.

As an adult, I recognize that the world has become increasingly – – even bizarrely – – anthropocentric. People, and I am among those persons, perceive nature and existence itself on our own terms. Truly, all of creation must revolve around us; but, it does not. And, the author, Elizabeth Macfarland — or, is it Snow Pea herself? — goes a long way towards disspelling this silly notion.

I am certain that this seems like an overly lengthy and wordy review for such a short, simple book. However, it is necessarily, so, because the most direct and brief observations are often the most profound. And such is the profundity encapsulated in this brief tome entitled “Snow Pea.”

Reviewed by Tina W, 12/20/2023

I just read and re-read Snow Pea. I so admire the beautiful words, the story, the precise descriptions and the lovely pictures. LOVE shines through on every page

Reviewed by Mary A, 12/19/2023

Snow Pea is a delightful book which brings alive an adorable dog named Snow Pea. We learn of Snow Pea's life through her own words and the beautiful illustrations throughout the story. Each chapter follows the important milestones in her life and how she embraces her masters and her other animal friends. The illustrations are strategically placed to help the reader visualize what Snow Pea is sharing.
This is an easy, gentle read which will make readers of all ages smile and come to love the main character, Snow Pea.

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