The Jays

by Bob Elmendorf

Caesar the Killer Bulk Order

by Dennis Sullivan

...In A Nutshell

by Larry Johnston

The Song of All Things

By Pam Collins

The Doctor Wore High Heels

by Dr. Irma M. Waldo

Stopping Place

by Barbara Leavell Smith


by Julie Betts Testwuide

Murder, Mayhem and Ghost Stories

by Patricia Crandall

Notes on Work

by Mark Hesselbacher

Your Soul Knows

by Gary Lindorff

The Rhythm and the Rhyme

by Randy Fisher

The Kindness Den

by Yvonne May

The Further Adventures of Jack and the Giants

written by John P. Fillmore
illustrated by Kathy Byrnes

Women Speaking Up

by The Rev. Allison Stokes, Ph.D.

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Poems & Antipoems, vol. 5

by Todd Fabozzi



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