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In the erotic new novel grace, we meet Margaret Hall. Despite being near forty and having been diagnosed with the chronic illness Multiple Sclerosis, Margaret wants to have another baby. Her husband Nate on the other hand, is happy enough with their five year old son. Nate is not excited about the prospect of adding another person. Nor, about how much more another person will cost him. After asking, pleading and downright arguing, they are on their way to family expansion. Desperately trying to manage her disability and boost Nate’s confidence, Margaret does her best to take care of the house and her family. But, did Margaret take on too much? Will a flare up steal more of Margaret's ability to take care of her husband and children? What will remain once another flare up has finished with her? Could Nate’s dark lies, countless betrayals and cruel deceit be the undoing of their already tender marriage?

The exquisitely layered story of grace is wrought with deep love and illicit passion. It tells of searing private pain and a person’s sacrifice of self with every choice made. Grace is about soul stretching strength. A person’s need to surrender and see the truth even at its most brutal. Then, accept what they now see and ultimately find forgiveness and grace. A person's character is their karma. Margaret knows her character will be hers.

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Reviewed by John F, 09/17/2021

A story of courage and betrayal, love and friendship against a backdrop of passion and erotocism. Grace contains strong character development and you see yourself and friends in their human frailties. Delaney Parker hits a home run with her debut novel!

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