Green Mittens Covered Her Ears

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People with autism can be functioning and contributing members in society when they receive understanding, assistance, and encouragement. Green Mittens Covered Her Ears: A Look at Autism is a true story that presents a glimpse into the world of Jessica, who has autism. Because people with disabilities have to adjust to the world, Anna and her twin sister worked with Jessica on controlling her behaviors and gaining skills so she was more socially acceptable and independent. Anna Saldo-Burke enlightens readers as she educates them about autism, has them look beyond the obvious, and demonstrates there can be success for people with differing abilities.

“What a powerful insight into the life of this person with autism. This story is simple and true. Do not let the brevity of Green Mittens Covered Her Ears: A Look at Autism mislead you. It educates those who need it, comforts those who endure it, and gives hope to those who think there is none."

- Barbara Brinker Larsen

Anna Saldo-Burke is a 27-year veteran teacher for North Adams Public Schools presently teaching a Grade 3 Inclusive Education classroom, in which Special Needs students are educated within General Education settings. Previously, she designed and ran a high school vocational training program, and developed and implemented a middle school Life Skills curriculum, to benefit Special Education students. She holds a Doctorate in Education.

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Reviewed by Lorene , 11/26/2011

What liberating knowledge. Give me lirbety or give me death.

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