Wings of Fortune

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From the basic fabric-covered Cub to the sleek corporate jet, the author takes you page by page through what some have called “the Golden Age” of general aviation. Meet pilots and share in their camaraderie and humor; experience their tragedy and personal triumph. This is a fascinating real-life account of the author’s life as a pilot and his own personal “wings of fortune.”

The thought of writing his personal memoirs proved to be a fascinating and irresistible idea for E.A. Chevrette, Jr. Starting with the resources available at a public library, he gained computer expertise and knowledge of writing. Combining his determination and information gathered from editors and authors, a very unique book has been written. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Bill M, 11/22/2012

"Wings of Fortune" brought back many fond boyhood memories of hanging out at Louden Airport. My Dad and Grandfather flew a Taylorcraft and later on a Piper Vagabond out of Louden. As a teenager, I worked at a nursery in Poestenkill next to the airport spending lunchtimes airplane watching. Always excited to watch the AT-6 depart, listening to the roar of its radial engine. Later on in life, I had the opportunity to fly my 172 into Poestenkill to pick up my son, an RPI student. I am so happy to have discovered Ed's book and relive a great time in my life.

Reviewed by Paul M, 08/05/2011

Ed Chevrette taught me how to fly in 1967-68. Ed, along with Don Harrigan who owned the flight service, were the best flight instructors I have ever known. I am now a B767 international captain for a global airline, having flown continuously since I learned from the best, Ed and Don. I credit my longevity in this career to lessons learned early on at Poestenkill Airport outside of Troy. All of Ed's book is factual, actual experiences and is extremely well written. Why? Ed captures the human nature of people along with the events, in a manner that brings their character alive from the page. Once I picked up this book, I read it to completion, unwilling to put it down. Ed is a very talented writer and I hope that he once more takes pen to paper and writes about more of his flying experiences, fully connected to the lives of such interesting people such as Don "Mulligan." Any new aspiring aviator will want to read these great stories and remember the lessons which Ed has shared. You too may then learn how to have an enjoyable, rewarding and long career in aviation. Ed has definitely shared the stories of his "Wings of Fortune" with all of us readers.

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