Dinosaurs and Climate Change

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Thor is a young Triceratops born with a gift. He dreams of a world far in his future where all the dinosaurs are gone. New creatures called humans live there instead. At first the dreams frighten Thor because the humans' world is in trouble. But as he becomes more comfortable with what he sees and hears, he starts to wonder if somehow his dreams can help those humans. Thor also begins to find a place in his world for himself and for his dreams. He shares daily adventures with his friends. When TR has a toothache, Thor and the others reach out to help. Later, Thor, Theo, and Heather come across young dinosaurs bullying a stranger. On another day, they sing along with Hummer, an old friend who composes songs. Because of their open minds and hearts, Thor and the others become agents for change in the world where they all live. They might have an impact on us, here in the future, too. 

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